Call Outs

Are you having problems with your Underfloor Heating?

  • Lack of heat?
  • Loss of control?
  • Faulty thermostats?
  • Leaks/pressure drops?

If something does go wrong, we offer telephone support, site visits and make recommendations on how best to solve all mechanical and electrical problems.

Commercially we offer Warranty repairs and call outs for the duration of the defect liability period with electronic real-time reporting and offer Service and call out on an ongoing basis if requested.

Fault Finding

We are specialists in Underfloor Heating fault finding. Whether it’s a user demonstration or a system fault we have the Underfloor Heating System knowledge to be able to get your system back up and running without breaking the bank and utilising our product knowledge to be able to offer speedy cost-effective repairs.

Commercially with Specialist Underfloor Heating knowledge and a broad system knowledge base we can fault find on both the Electrical and Mechanical side of the whole system.