Underfloor Heating Repairs

We are LeeMick Ltd, Underfloor Heating Specialists – who specialise in repairs, maintenance, fault-finding and designing and commissioning new systems. We cover London, Kent and the South East.

Our experience tells us that Underfloor Heating systems need to be set up correctly during the installation and regularly checked and reset back to the Manufacturer’s design values so that they supply the heat that is required; when and where it’s required.

We have been called out to too many floor heating systems that have either never worked as expected, have stopped working in some areas or are heating when there is no need for heating.

We’ve seen systems that would never have worked and systems that could not be controlled or switched off, which is not only cost prohibitive but not environmentally friendly.

And we’ve attended clients that were told their underfloor heating could not be repaired and were advised to install radiators to replace their UFH system and clients that have been told to dig it up and start again! (You can read about our stance on radiators here!)

We hear of clients being told to Power Flush their underfloor heating and then being quoted many hundreds of pounds to do the work.

Why Call Us?

In the 25 years we have been involved in underfloor heating repairs, we have never come across a floor heating system that can not be made to work. In most cases, a relatively simple above floor fix can make a tremendous difference.

Our engineers are all trained in both the mechanical and the electrical sides of underfloor heating systems. They know how to find and repair system faults; from a thermostat not working to a complete system breakdown.

We use specialist tools to help find faults quickly and in around 80% of cases, we can either make a temporary repair or a permanent repair during our first visit. If that is not possible, we estimate a cost and give a realistic time span to make the repair. All work is quoted and comes with guarantees, to give you peace of mind.

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